Saturday, July 29, 2006

One dead in hate-crime shooting at Jewish center

"One person was killed and five others were wounded, three critically, in a shooting at the Jewish Federation in downtown Seattle, Washington, police said"

Friday, July 28, 2006

"Four jailed Aryan Brotherhood members convicted"

"A jury convicted four leaders of a white-supremacist prison gang Friday on charges they used murder and intimidation to protect their drug-dealing operations behind bars."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Tell your people that the next time they have an attitude, they are being thrown off. ... Since 9/11, we don't play around," one flight attendant

"Mo'Nique says flight attendants treated her 'like an animal.'

TV star Mo'Nique got kicked off a United Airlines flight Sunday after getting into a spat with a flight attendant, and this time the comedian isn't laughing - she's crying racism."

Monday, July 24, 2006

"eenie, meenie, minie, moe' rhyme grabs people, but it has an awful history"

"But the company?s success doesn?t excuse the use of the offensive rhyme to advertise the product. The issue made headlines nationwide in 2004 when a federal jury ruled against two African-American passengers on Southwest Airlines. They contended that a flight attendant used the dirty little rhyme against them.

The Southwest employee said "Eenie, meenie, minie, moe; pick a seat, we gotta go." The Lenexa women who were searching for seats said they were the only black passengers on the flight.

During the trial, a San Jose State University official testified that Southwest Airlines billboards had gone up in December 1996 using the eenie, meenie, minie, moe rhyme. After he complained to the company, noting the racist origin of the rhyme, the more than 30 of the distasteful billboards were removed in the California city."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"I understand that racism still lingers in America"

President Bush acknowledged persistent racism in America and lamented the Republican Party's bumpy relations with black voters as he addressed the NAACP's annual convention Thursday for the first time in his presidency.

"I understand that racism still lingers in America," Bush told the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "It's a lot easier to change a law than to change a human heart. And I understand that many African-Americans distrust my political party."

"President Bush on Thursday urged the Senate to renew a landmark civil rights law passed in the 1960s to stop racist voting practices in the South."

"President Johnson called the right to vote the lifeblood of our democracy. That was true then and it remains true today," Bush said in the first address of his presidency to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's annual convention."

I guess he remembers how he first got into office.(Not counting Fl black votes)Same way he received hispanics voters to vote for him then his adminstration started cracking down on them.

"WASHINGTON // One day before President Bush addresses the NAACP for the first time during his presidency, two Democratic senators urged yesterday that those attending the meeting to hold the administration accountable for renewing - and enforcing - the Voting Rights Act.

Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois warned NAACP delegates to be cautious of any civil rights promises Bush offers when speaking to the group today. The senators criticized Republicans for allowing the landmark 1965 voting act to nearly expire and said the Justice Department has failed to aggressively pursue allegations of disenfranchisement.",0,7973768.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The "WHITES MAN'S" apology to the black man

Before you think any of this is "racist" ask yourself, IS IT TRUE?

Apology to the Black Race:
To the entire Black race living in America, we, the Adamic, pink complexioned race (better known to you as the White race) that came to these shores from Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland, apologize for freeing you from slavery by fighting a horrible war among ourselves that cost the lives of almost two million of our own race. We apologize for continuing to fight among ourselves over that very issue, even though you?ve never told us you appreciate our freeing you.

We apologize for splitting to pieces our entire race the world over to take sides with you to help you survive and become a freer race. We apologize for forcing the rest of the world to outlaw the slavery which your ancestors had practiced for thousands of years, even though many nations on your home continent still practice it today.

We apologize for thinking we could civilize you when you have proven that it is indeed an impossible feat, a feat beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

We apologize for introducing Christianity to you and dragging you away from the Voodoo you previously followed, although you have managed to sneak that religion back into cultic Christianity and our people have accepted it, which is witnessed by their animalistic whooping and hollering and stomping and screaming instead of respectfully worshiping our God as they ought to.

We apologize for teaching you to add and subtract (what little you can), thereby enabling you to run a household and pay your bills (what few you will) and count your children other than on your fingers and sometimes toes when you have so many you run out of fingers.

We apologize for providing you with medical care instead of leaving you under the witch doctors you used before we arrived, as a result of which you have been able to survive all sorts of diseases to multiply in massive numbers beyond what you could have without these aides.

We apologize for building schools for you which we have had to repair over and over after you vandalized them beyond use. We apologize for inventing computers and the Internet, neither of which you use very much, but when you do use them it?s mostly to bash our race.

We apologize for building factories and businesses that employ you, if you so desire to work. We apologize for creating millions of bureaucratic jobs within our government system simply to give you employment, instead of leaving you to find work on your own.

We apologize for promoting and buying your music, although you refuse to buy ours. We apologize for talking and acting as you do, although you refuse to talk and act as we do.

We apologize for placing you in our movies and TV shows and elevating you to a fictional, heroic level that you have never reached in real life. We apologize for creating this false image of yourselves in your minds, for we realize after 400 years of trying to help you that you cannot solve problems and provide leadership and create original thoughts; and the image we?ve placed in your minds causes you to live in a delusional world. For that we truly apologize.

We apologize for creating quota systems and forced employment programs to make sure you have the best jobs, if you so desire to work. We apologize for thinking we could educate you so that you could learn to build and help others, when you obviously have only the ability to tear down and take from others.

We apologize for giving you welfare and food stamps, with the result that for four generations over half of your race has not had to work, except in makesift type of jobs in our governments and bureaucracies.

We apologize for promoting your children in school as if they could understand basic arithmetic and grammar, such as multiplication and past participles, when we should have made sure they were accustomed to manual labor so that we would not have had to make up jobs for them in our governments dusting seats with their butts.

We apologize for developing farms in our own lands which you have never been able to do, and that to this day feed most of your race still living in Africa. We apologize for coming to Africa and building farms, from which you have now run us off of and have devastated beyond use, forcing us to continue feeding you.

We apologize for creating the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) and U.S. Government Foreign Aid Programs and hundreds of charities that funnel billions of our tax dollars and charitable donations to nations around the world run by your race, all because your race cannot take care of itself by itself anywhere you live.

We apologize for giving you the right to vote so you could take over all our major cities and turn them into high-taxed, crime-ridden cess pools that no civilized human being can live in.

We apologize for creating the term "reverend," which your leaders use to give themselves credentials and which their actions have denigrated beyond repair, with the result that no decent person would call himself "reverend," much less a Christian

We apologize for trying to come up with an AIDS vaccine to stop the epidemic spread of AIDS in Africa, AIDS being a disease that you created and passed on to us after having sexual intercourse with monkeys and then with one of our idiotic race-mixers who then passed it on to the rest of the world.

We apologize for providing you with warm, custom-made garments instead of the animal skins and leaves that you wore before we arrived. We apologize for providing you with shoes instead of leaving you barefooted as you were before we arrived in Africa.

We apologize for teaching you how to clean yourselves and your homes, and how to sanitize the water you drink to keep you from getting even more dreadful diseases than the rest of your race gets that still lives in Africa. We apologize for teaching you to cook your foods, which keeps you from getting the hundreds of parasitic diseases that your race gets that still lives on your home continent of Africa.

We apologize for providing you with solidly built, heated, and cooled homes with grass yards instead of the straw huts and dirt yards you were living in before we arrived, and in which most of your race is still living in in Africa.

We apologize for inventing sports so that you can make millions of dollars and live like kings, then kill and rape people with impunity, as O.J. Heisman-Trophy-Winner Simpson and Mike Heavy-Weight-Champion-of-the-World Tyson have done, as well as many others among your race.

We apologize for producing such beautiful people for you to race-mix with, and if they won?t voluntarily mix, you often casually rape them as if you were eating a piece of fried chicken.

We apologize for building thousands of prisons around the nation to house dangerous criminals, of which your race makes up over sixty percent even though you?re only thirteen percent of the U.S. population, and this at an expense of billions of dollars and manpower every year.

We apologize for taking precious metals from the earth on your home continent of Africa, metals which you neither knew were there nor how to use them if you had known they were there, but which you love to puncture and cover your bodies with in the most tawdry way imaginable.

We apologize for those among us who have established charitable organizations, donated billions of dollars and hours of time, and have devoted their entire lives to make life easier and better for your race, although most often to no positive result.

We apologize for all the stupid White ministers whom your race has martyred in Africa where they were trying to evangelize you to a faith that you can?t understand nor do you want to; yet when you claim to join it soon pervert it with the Voodooistic concepts you have inherited from your forefathers.

We apologize for building highways and railroads and for inventing flying machines that you could never have invented but which you use everyday to move about, yet without thinking or appreciating their origins in the least.

We apologize for paying the majority of both federal and state taxes, to maintain the governments which protect and promote you but fight against our own people at every turn.

We apologize for some members of our race who worship the monstrosities your genes have created, such as Jacko the Wacko and Little Fruity Richard and Dennis Nutman Rodman and Don Electrified King and Daryl Coke-Head Strawberry and Whitney Whacked-Out-Screaming Houston and Cassius If-Only-I-Be-White-But-I'm-Really-Black Clay and Tiger Adamic-Hater Woods and Whoopi Thinks-She?s-White Goldberg and Oprah Interview-a-Nut New-Age-Goof Winfrey and Ru Triple-Freak Paul and Morgan Act-White-But-Hate-White Freeman and Sammy Convert-To-The-Christ-haters-Religion Davis and Colin Have-A-Black-Pet-In-The-White-House Powell, to name only a few.

We apologize for defeating the major part of the communist threat which cost us several trillion dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives, but whose doctrines you still wish to have implemented on the backs of our race to further torture us and tear us down.

We apologize for spending over $2 trillion dollars on welfare and food stamps in the last thirty-five years, funds which your race received the majority of, although you are a small minority among us.

We apologize for introducing you to the rule of law under a republican form of government, a government that has gone abroad to keep your own warring nations from slaughtering other members of your race by the hundreds of thousands as they did year in and year out before we arrived, and still do every time we leave them alone and do not intervene.

We apologize for teaching you to read a language that contains more than a few words and a couple of hand signs, which has allowed you to take part in our philosophies, our culture, our art, our industry, our collegial nature, and our freedom, even though as soon as you get around them you pervert them.

For surely, if you could not read, how could you have learned the teachings of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Sung, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Nikolai Lenin, Howard Zinn, the Damocrat Party, the Neo-cons in the Republicoward Party, and others who hate our race, and have brainwashed you into believing our race is evil and that you are severely oppressed?

We apologize for placing you under the form of government that our own forefathers died to create, and for which you are helping to destroy, instead of leaving you under the anarchy you lived under before we arrived.

For all these wrongs we?ve carried out against you, we apologize deeply and unreservedly, and if you will please accept our apology, we shall happily and immediately take back all of the above mentioned evils we have cast upon you and return you to your home continent, if you so desire.

We would with the greatest of glee and cheer even provide you with a nice, little stipend for traveling money, if you?d go and take your race-traitor wives and husbands and Mulatto children with you.

We have enjoyed having you here, but because you claim we?ve been, and are still being, so mean to you, we?d like to atone by helping you get back to where you came from.

You could live in peace without our persecuting you anymore, and we could save ourselves trillions of dollars over the next few years by shrinking our governments and emptying our prisons. We could take hundreds of thousands of security guards and police officers around the country off their jobs and put them to more productive use, and we could celebrate our own culture without offending you anymore.

Moreover, we could take the three-point shot and the forty-five second shot clock out of basketball which would return it to a game of plays and strategies, instead of the run and gun show our enemies have tailored especially for you. We could place the "palming penalty" and the "walking penalty" and the "charging penalty" back in to slow the game down to the point that defense and brains matter.

We could place the "bump and run" rule back in football and have referees start calling "offensive pass interference" again, to change the game to one where something more than straight-ahead speed is what matters. The "taunting rule" and the "roughing the quarterback rule" that we had to implement because of you, we could do away with completely, because civility would automatically come back into the game.

The race traitors of our race who hate their own culture and heritage could go with you, and we won?t offend them anymore either. For after a few generations of mixing with your race they would disappear into the dark tar-mix which your dominant design-genes make up.

What say? Do you accept our apology? Do we have a deal? Please let us know, soon!



Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel vs Lebanon(Who's really at fault?)

"All of this brutality; all of this violence; all of these atrocities; have been committed by ISRAEL. And they did it with OUR AMERICAN WEAPONS AND OUR TAX MONEY!

All those military rifles: American made M-16's
All the helicopter gun ships: American Apaches & Cobras
All the fighter jets: American F-15's and F-16's

Between outright "aid", military assistance, and loan guarantees, we American taxpayers give Israel between $3 and $6 Billion every year. They use our "aid" to wage this warfare on Arabs.

Is there any wonder why the Arabs fight back? Is there any wonder why Arabs have begun attacking the US itself?

If YOUR family had been brutalized in these ways, would YOU fight back? By fighting back, would YOU be called a "terrorist?"

"stop doing this shit"
ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) - A microphone picked up an unaware President Bush saying on Monday Syria should press Hezbollah to "stop doing this shit" and that his secretary of state may go to the Middle East soon.

"I wanted to know who was promoting music that called for raping White women and killing White cops. Who was pushing anti-White counter culture and urging White girls to have sex with blacks? I wanted to know why Whites were profiled in the media as haters, even though we are 90% of interracial crime victims.""The Jews care only about their race and how they can use gentiles to achieve their own ends. All the while, they devote enormous energy to denying Whites the right to their own identity and nations, while even the most liberal Jews support genocide and ethnic cleansing in Israel again non-Jews. They do not care that 3,000 Americans died on September 11th because of their having commandeered our nation's government and used it as a weapon against their enemies in the Middle East."

Friday, July 14, 2006

White player gets dark-skinned bobblehead

BALTIMORE - Orioles players have joked in the past that they didn't look like their bobblehead dolls. But when a recent shipment of Brian Roberts bobbleheads arrived, team officials knew something was wrong. Roberts, who is white, had dark skin.

"Complaints of straight people being called "breeders" by gays over the July Fourth holiday weekend"

"Hate language is usually the early-warning signal that could lead to hate-motivated violence," Town Manager Keith Bergman said. "And before that happens, we try to nip it in the bud."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Latino immigrants bring negative attitudes toward blacks with them from their home countries

"DURHAM -- Latino immigrants bring negative attitudes toward blacks with them from their home countries rather than develop them after they arrive here, a team including four Duke and two UNC researchers say.

The study, which will appear in the August issue of the Journal of Politics analyzed survey data drawn from Durham residents in 2003.

Latinos also more often identified with whites than blacks, although whites were less likely to see themselves as having much in common with Latinos.

The survey asked 500 residents nearly equally divided among the three groups. The researchers chose Durham because of its nearly 500 percent increase in Latino population between 1990 and 2000, and because its black population spans socioeconomic levels.

"What surprised us most was the high level of negative stereotypes on the part of Latino immigrants," said Paula McClain, a professor of political science at Duke University and the study's lead author. "We were also, I guess, pleasantly surprised at the low level of stereotypes of blacks held by whites in Durham. Less than 10 percent of our sample of whites held negative stereotypes of blacks. And that blacks were more tolerant of Latino immigrants than Latino immigrants were of blacks."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Saylorsburg family stunned by racist graffiti

SAYLORSBURG - Sherene Binns usually doesn't set her home alarm during the day, but after racial graffiti was sprayed on her driveway Sunday night, the 12-year-old girl is afraid of "what they will do next" and has stayed indoors making sure the alarm remains on.

Binns, an African-American, lives with her mother Jeannette Mitchell and sister Shawniqua Wiggins, 17, who both are appalled by the hate crime.

Late Sunday "PA HATES N-----Z" was sprayed painted in blue near the edge of their property's driveway on Pheasant Road.

PSP advertisement is racist

Jay Z calls Cristal "Racist"

Frederic Rouzaud, president of Louis Roderer Cristal, has responded to Jay-Z who recently labeled the wine company's stance toward its hip-hop clientele as "racist."The controversy began when Rouzaud told The Economist magazine that he views Cristal's popularity in the hip-hop community with "curiosity and serenity ? We can't forbid people from buying it. I'm sure Dom Perignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business."

Gang Accused of Conspiring to Kill Blacks

"His street gang goes back five generations in Highland Park, which for Cruz is five miles and several lifetimes from the downtown courtroom where he is scheduled to testify as the star witness for the prosecution in the trial of a group of childhood friends.

Federal prosecutors, who launched their case last week, contend that the Avenues gang between 1994 and 2000 conspired to kill African Americans on their turf.

Men, women and children were harassed, terrorized, assaulted and slain as gang members sought to force black residents out of Latino neighborhoods, prosecutors said.",0,7027293.story?coll=la-home-headlines