Monday, April 24, 2006


Duke Accuser's Info:
Crystal Gail Mangum (confirmed).
Has had several run-ins with the law before. (confirmed)
Exotic Dancer, sources say she worked for Bunnyhole Entertainment (warning not for chiildren) EMAIL CONTACT or (908) 220-4809
Bunnyhole Domain Owned by: Willie Drewery, 717 5B washington Ave Linden, New Jersey 07023
Girl is 27 yrs old
Two Children (One Daughter, Other Unknown)
Went To Hillside High School, Located in Durham, N.C.
Student at North Carolina Central University CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY (FULL TIME STUDENT)
Black and/or African American
Has recently moved from her home to avoid the media.
Jason Bissey, 26 was next door to the party.

Another Exotic Dancer from the same company as the duke accuser(Jenna)

(I do not do any interacial caucasion(white) only.) This one happens to be racist.


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