Friday, April 21, 2006

Word's can never harm you?(Duke Email)

"It was pointed out to me that Ryan McFadyen's email to the team was a reference to the book and movie, "American Psycho" . Apparently, this was a bit of a cult favorite among Duke Lacrosse team members."

"I start by skinning Torri a little, making incisions with a steak knife and ripping bits of flesh from her legs and stomach while she screams in vain, begging for mercy in a high thin voice. Finally I pour acid onto her belly and genitals, but none of this comes close to killing her, so I resort to stabbing her in the throat and eventually the blade of the knife breaks off in what's left of her neck, stuck on bone, and I stop. While Tiffany watches, finally I saw the entire head off--torrents of blood splash against the walls, even the ceiling.....(text becomes sexually explicit here)" (p. 304, from American Psycho)

To whom it may concern

tommrow night......have some strippers over to eden nudity(strippers with no nudity..lololol) I plan on killing these bitches as soon as the walk in(I love the grammar...Let a "black man say say axe not comes the "inner" office jokes.) cumming in my duke issue spandex.....41

"Slurs have, in a sense, gone underground," McKinnon said. "White men tend to hear more slurs of all kinds than other people," he said.
"The conclusion we come to is that when people are comfortable or think they're in a safe audience, they'll talk about sexually explicit issues or race or anything else."
Thirty percent of whites overheard racial slurs compared with 20% of African Americans, and almost 35% of men overheard sexually inappropriate remarks versus 28% of women, according to the survey."

Prosecutor Matthew"[Shyne] is nothing other than a gun-toting braggart that's what he is." Prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos
Bogdanos said that Shyne's lyrics show he has no remorse for his part in the Club New York shootings, for which he was convicted of assault, reckless endangerment and weapons charges in March
"Mr. Barrow is nothing other than a gun-toting braggart that's what he is," Bogdanos said, quoting lyrics from Shyne's "Let Me See Your Hands": "Gun cockin' and poppin', somebody call Cochran/ ... No time to waste, nine in my waist/ Ready for war anytime, anyplace/ F--- it, just another case." Shyne looked down at papers on the table in front of him as Bogdanos spoke, and his supporters shook their heads in disgust."

Shynes lyrics sounds just like McFadyen's email but of course, lets not forget, Shyne's tan is a little more darker. Who's to say Shyne didn't love Gangster movies. Maybe he was watching Scarface when he wrote those lyrics?

Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, noted to be one of the most visible rap critics over the past six months, made his first objectionable statements about the music genre in protest of Pepsi's choice of rapper Ludacris as a spokesperson last summer. Pepsi decided to cancel the Ludacris promotion in August, just one day after O'Reilly's segment criticizing the company for using the rapper appeared on air. Both O'Reilly and his viewers cited the rapper's notably foul lyrics, questionable appropriateness and general morality as reasons for not running the ad. This, of course, was a reasonable action requiring no defense from Pepsi -- that is, until last month.

So what is the Pepsi twist? This year the company signed a promotion deal featuring none other than Ozzy Osbourne, the notoriously dirty punk rocker of the '70s. According to the Associated Press, Simmons saw this double standard: "At a news conference, Simmons said he didn't have a problem with Pepsi's decision at the time, and that it was Pepsi's right to pull the commercial. But he objected when he saw an ad for Pepsi Twist during the Super Bowl that featured the Osbournes, whose MTV show is filled with audio bleeps to block foul language"


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