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Duke Rape

"Colored People" need to realize that this country still has invinsible signs that read for WHITES ONLY. It amazes me that so many White Supremist have surfaced over the recent Dukes Lacrosse case. A lot of people are attacking this young mother of 2 and stating that she is lying because it involves a "White Man."(When I said mother of 2 if your think stripper - "POOR" women of every race do it too.) If this was a black basketball team and they raped a "black" female, majority of "White America" wouldn't care. The only thing they would say is look how violent the "Black Man" is. If the NCCU basketball team had rape a "White" stripper, the whole school would have been burned down by now. They would have easily lynched the school president for not keeping his violent "Black" players under control. Look at the Kobe case for example. Kobe being a "Black Male" obviously had to be guilty.

"Impact of false accusations against an 'Hispanic'
Particularly -- and rightly -- troubling to many is that Wilbanks said one of her kidnappers was Hispanic. This comment shows that Wilbanks was probably herself racist, or, at a minimum, that she was catering to racism; perhaps she thought her story would be more plausible if she claimed one of the perpetrators was Hispanic.
If she had not reneged, her claim could even have led to the wrongful conviction of an innocent man. Certainly, Wilbanks owes Hispanics an apology, and ought to amend her way of thinking.
But in the end, the quickly-retracted claim ended up doing little real damage to the image and standing of Hispanics. Like child-killer Susan Smith's false claim that an African-American man had stolen her car - with her children in it - at gunpoint, Wilbanks' remark is now a reminder of why assuming a perpetrator is likely to be a person of color is sheer folly. It's also a reminder that a white "victim" who is blaming a person of color may, in some cases, be doing so to refocus attention away from herself.
I'm not saying, of course, that more false accusations against people of color should be made. I'm just pointing out the irony in which a false, racist accusation turns out to be both a rebuttal of racism -- once the false claim is retracted -- and a cautionary tale.
Harsh penalty won't do any good
Assuming Wilbanks does apologize, as her attorney has indicated she will, what else should happen to her?
In my view, nothing. She should be able to go on with her life, live where she chooses, and continue to get the help she needs."

Notice how the writer of this article(obviously "White") tries to show that she has some sort of idea of racial-social issues in society with her little piece about blaming hispanics(minorities). Then she actually goes on to state that this "White Woman" that lied about being kidnapped and had previous charges against her(similar to the Duke accuser) should be forgiven. Doesn't this make you feel so happy how "White America" are so easy to forget about one of their own lying but will crucify this Duke accuser if she is lying. No one would have went around angry if some innocent hispanic people where being harrassed in the search of this women. This women even got a movie deal. Let some director offer the Duke accuser a movie deal and see if Hollywood wouldn't kick him or her out. No one cared that one of the Duke Lacrosse players actually put on BLACKFACE in a face book picture. ( No one cared that Susan Smith lied about a "Black Male" kidnapping her children. No one(White America) cared that black men in South Carolina were being harrassed for this "White Women's" lies. Now they except "Blacks" to go easy on one of their kind. Sorry "White America" NO!!! These guys should get exactly what they deserve. Without commenting much more about the rape, the whole racist situation alone should have everyone at the party on trial for hate crimes. I'm sure if they did this, that "Wall of Silence" would have been gone a long time ago. All these "White" reporters need to stop saying that this case wasn't racial motived. I'm sorry but a bunch of "White" males yelling "Thank your grandfather for my shirt" is. SISTER I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW YOU HAVE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT YOU. NO ONE WILL RUN FROM RACISM ANYMORE. PEOPLE FOUGHT TOO LONG AND HARD TO LET SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPEN AND OFFER HELP

There were 9,372 victims of hate crimes in 1993.
Of this number, 85% were individuals with the
remaining 15% being businesses, organizations, or
other property. Table 2 shows that within the
Race category, blacks were the victims of 59.2%
of the crimes committed, while whites were the
victims in 30.8% of the crimes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Creedmoor Police should reopen this '93 case and arrest those men immediately! Rape is rape, no matter how long ago it happened! That these men raped a child is heinous enough, but for the police to not investigate child abuse should itself be investigated! Essence did the world a great favor exposing this previous crime and justice should now be served upon these perverts. This is just plain sick!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite this squeamishness about classifying anti-white crime as "hate," the FBI's 1997 statistics reported 1,629 black hate crime suspects as opposed to 5,344 "white" suspects (this number is artificially inflated by including Hispanic perpetrators, whose numbers are not known). Given that there are about six times as many whites as blacks in the United States, blacks are, on a per capita basis, twice as likely as whites to commit officially-recognized hate crimes.

The real number of anti-white hate crimes is probably much higher. Every year blacks commit about 1.5 million violent crimes against whites (including Hispanics), whereas whites (including Hispanics) commit only about 170,000 such crimes against blacks. If anti-white violence were scrutinized for bias as carefully as anti-black violence, the FBI's figures would surely change substantially.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares about race in a rape case? Racists, thats who. Mr. Lee seems very concerned about race in the duke case. Hummmm...

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