Monday, April 24, 2006

Shopping While Black(Fit the description)

"These biases, many point out, are evident in white people's reactions to people of color. Minorities report that whites are often anxious in their presence: Salesclerks follow them around in stores, worried that they might shoplift something; taxi drivers refuse to give them rides; police pull them over to check their cars for weapons or drugs; whites seem fearful when they have to stand near black or Latino men in elevators.
Whites, for example, do not usually experience much prejudice in their own lives or know many people who have experienced racial discrimination, so they may conclude that racism is not much of a problem today."
"Last month, three black women were surrounded by four police cars as they were leaving a women's clothing store in Shadyside merely because a clerk in the store said she thought they had stolen something. Adding insult to injury, it was also stated by the clerk that the women "fit the description" of a woman who had allegedly stolen a watch from the store a week earlier."
"Half the juvenile cases from the Central District, Rainier Valley and West Seattle were black youths. One-fourth of the cases involved white youths. Asians represented 18 percent, and Hispanics, 2 percent.
"White youths were more likely than blacks or Asians to be stopped for shoplifting. Asian youths were more than twice as likely to be stopped for "suspicious circumstances," and to be charged with car-related crimes. And Asians were nearly three times more likely to be referred to prosecutors for trespassing.
Blacks were four to five times more likely than whites to be referred to prosecutors on robbery charges."
"Pennsylvania (Brentwood) - On October 12, 1995, Jonny Gammage, a 31 year-old African American male, was killed after being pulled over while driving the Jaguar of his cousin, Pittsburgh Steelers football player Ray Seals, in a predominately white community. Although police claimed that Gammage initiated the struggle, a tow truck driver said he saw one officer start the fight and the others join in kicking, hitting and clubbing Gammage while he lay on the pavement. Three officers were tried for involuntary manslaughter: John Vojtas was acquitted; Lt. Milton Mulholland and Michael Albert had their charges dismissed after two mistrials. Gammage's family settled a wrongful death civil rights lawsuit against the five officers involved and their police departments for $1.5 million."
"New 'Buying Power' report shows blacks still outspend other ethnic segments.According to the report, black households had $631 billion in earned income in 2002, an increase of 4.8% over the $602 billion earned in 2001."
"HOLLYWOOD actress Winona Ryder, who was convicted of shoplifting last week, was suspected of stealing from other upmarket department stores, it was revealed last night.Newly released court transcripts from Ryder's trial have revealed that the actress was suspected of stealing from two other stores before she was arrested for theft at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills."
"And although shopkeepers often are quick to blame juveniles for missing items, the UF study found shoplifters were most commonly between the ages of 35 and 54. These middle-aged adults, most of them gainfully employed, were primary household shoppers who occasionally stole to acquire goods whose cost stretched beyond their household budgets. Overall, blacks and Hispanics were no more likely than whites to steal merchandise."


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