Friday, April 21, 2006

Mexican Boader Patrol Game

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Singing Nazi Twins Enjoy Racist Video Game

GP hears from time to time about a white supremacist game called Ethnic Cleansing. But we didn't know of anyone who actually played that garbage - until now.

The New York Daily News reports that Prussian Blue, twin singing sisters from Bakersfield, California, enjoy playing Ethnic Cleansing. The duo recently stirred controversy when Time Warner publication Teen People indicated on its website that the mag would be profiling the twins in an upcoming issue. Following a protest, Time Warner quickly nixed the story, blaming a junior employee for making an unauthorized decision.

Prussian Blue has become quite popular in the white supremacy movement, even opening at events for one-time KKK grand wizard David Duke. The pretty, blonde twins, who refer to nonwhites as "muds" were raised by their parents in a home filled with Nazi memorabilia - and, obviously, hate.

I've been to one of their shows and let me tell you even the Mexican were moshing.NOT. Teen magazine obviously not caring if their readers are "non-white" actually wanted to run an article about these "BEAUTIFUL" young girls.


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