Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"The Race Card Convicted The Duke Lacrosse Players"

I guess this guy failed to read the part stating slurs where used "thank you grandfather for my shirt."So I guess if I ran down the street calling chinese "CHINKS" or whites "Honkies" that has nothing to do with me being racist.

"One NYPD police officer said, on condition of anonymity, "This is a travesty. These street punks are getting a slap on the wrist. They did complete a felony -- assault -- when they grabbed the student and punched him. They just didn't want to throw the book at these kids."

He also said, "They didn't want to charge them with a bias crime because they don't want the [crime] stats to show a black-on-white bias crime. You can be sure if the roles were reversed -- if it were a white-on-black incident -- it would have been treated as a bias crime," he said. http://www.commonvoice.com/article.asp?colid=4663

First of all one was hispanic not that it matters.(I don't justify any racially motivated attack.) The report states 4 blacks. When you have a obviously(white)"COP" making a statement like this you know your in trouble. So now America is adjust the crime stats to help blacks. Last time I checked more blacks were in jail their white majority partners. As seen in this stupid statement by a (white)cop I don't hear these Duke students being charged with any hate crimes and they've admitted using racial slurs.


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