Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Comments by Duke Lacrosse Players

As everyone knows(including whites)in America. Black slave labor built most of this country. I find it funny when someone could stand there and insult a women because of her race and not understand what he or she is say. "Thank you grandfather for my shirt" was said at the two women as they left the lacrosse players house. Yes I know he meant it in a sarcastic way but he should actually be thanking her grandfather and so should most of America. I'm sure if I began to name the amount of things slave labor built in this country the list would be endless. Maybe if these players would do the research they would find out that Duke was built with slave labor also. "Like with many white institutions of higher learning in the United States, including Clemson University and Brown University, Duke University was built on the illegal profits from slave labor. Washington Duke, the patriarch of the Duke family and a Confederate soldier, attracted nearby Trinity College to Durham. Trinity College is now Duke University."
1.White House
3.Brown University


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Black slave labor built most of this country.">

Do you mean the agrarian south which was obliterated during the Civil War or the "free states" of the North?

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