Thursday, May 11, 2006

Duke Possible DNA found

"Tissue found under the fingernail of an exotic dancer who claimed she was raped at a Duke University lacrosse party may match a player who was there, several well-placed sources said Wednesday.""Nifong said earlier he was pursuing the possibility of another indictment, although reports indicated the dancer was able to identify a third person with only 90 percent certainty. WRAL-TV, citing a transcript of the photo identification session the dancer had with police, reported Wednesday that she indicated a fourth player also may have been involved in assaulting her.

Tissue found under the dancer's fingernails was consistent with the third man's DNA pattern, sources told The Herald-Sun on Wednesday.

In addition, the sources said a male pubic hair had been linked to the case. But because the hair lacked a root, no identifiable DNA was obtained from it, they said. The only thing that could be determined was that the hair came from a white man, the sources said."

If it does match one of the players lets see what excuse the defense will come up with now? This is a very interesting turn of events because it might quiet all the people screaming this black women is lying. From my understanding didn't the players say the DNA would come back negative? What are they going to say now? "She had sex with a white male prior to coming to the lacrosse players house." I'm sure if this was the case someone would have already come out and said something.

"As a general rule, Meehan whose lab produced the DNA report agrees the absence of DNA does not kill a prosecutor's case."


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