Friday, November 03, 2006


"November 3, 2006 -- A series of dramatic photos shows the chilling, race-fueled Halloween melee that erupted between a black plainclothes cop and a crowd of white residents in Queens after the officer's car was pelted with eggs by a Halloween prankster.

In the most graphic and disturbing photo, obtained by The Post, Detective Marques Stewart, his police badge clearly showing over a Seton Hall sweatshirt, is holding a police radio in one hand and his nightstick in the other as he fends off the encroaching crowd of 100 angry Broad Channel residents.

A handcuffed Nicholas Stack, 16, is lying on the ground at the detective's feet.

Four residents, including Stack, were arrested in the bloody melee.

Stack, released on bail yesterday, said he did nothing to provoke the beating.

"I put up my hands and he hit me with the baton in the head, and I fell down and he hit me again in the legs," he said.

Assistant Police Chief Michael Collins defended the police officer's actions.

"The pictures show an officer being assaulted and attacked by members of the community as he attempted to effect an arrest," the police spokesman said.

Patricia Rich, 44, arrested along with her son, Patrick, 17, said the photos prove that the 15-year-veteran cop overreacted when his unmarked car was pelted with eggs by a prankster.

Stewart was questioning Rich about the egg-tossing incident when her son allegedly jumped on the officer's back and started screaming to onlookers, "Yo boys, don't let them take my moms" and "Kill the n - - - - r" and "Get the n - - - - r," police said. Patricia Rich denied the confrontation was racially charged.

"We're not racists. It's all lies. The pictures speak for themselves," she said.

A fourth suspect, Robert Glade, 22, was also arrested, accused of hurling racial slurs at Stewart.

In 1997, Stewart was cited by the Civilian Complaint Review Board for knocking out a suspect's teeth with his gun, but the NYPD dismissed the charge.

Sources said there have been a total of eight complaints lodged against Stewart over his career, which is average."


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